Simplifying agro-commodities transportation in Africa by seamlessly connecting wholesalers to freight operators

About Us

Agriculture is the bedrock of any thriving nation. If the population is hungry, it is impossible to be productive. TruckIt is a brand at the core of what makes the agricultural sector thrive. Without proper means of transportation for Agriculture produce, food security will be a huge headache.

One of the major pain-point for Agricultural produce wholesalers is not knowing the state of their delivery in real time. TruckIt aims to address that pain-point.

TruckIt simplifies agro-commodities transportation in Africa by making it easier for wholesalers to connect to freight operators, and track the step by step progress of their shipment.

our mission

To make it easier, safer and faster for agro-commodities wholesalers in Africa to connect with haulage trucks/drivers and move their goods

How Truckit works

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our vision

To stimulate growth and prosperity within Africa’s Agricultural sector by being the go-to platform for Agro Commodities transportation and truck brokerage services in Africa while taking charge of end-end haulage operations.

Our Promise

To our Senders

We will make it easier, faster, and safer for you to connect to freight operators and move your agric produce.

To our Drivers

We will make it easier and more accessible for you to connect to wholesalers that need your services