Shipping and Delivery in Africa: The Advantages of Trucks and Semis Over Other Forms of Shipping and Delivery

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Do you want to get your goods fast and at the lowest cost possible? Are you tired of waiting days or weeks for your packages to reach you? If so, then truck shipping may be the answer for you. This article will teach you everything that you need to know about truck freight, when it is the best option for shipping, and how it can save you money while keeping your delivery dates to a minimum.

What is Truck Freight?

Truck freight is the use of heavy-duty trucks to transport goods. Truck freight can save both time and money when compared to other forms of shipping and delivery.

Shipment Restrictions with Truck Freight

When you ship goods by truck, you are subject to many different rules and restrictions that are specific to that vehicle type. These rules and restrictions can make or break your shipment and can significantly affect the cost of your goods. Let’s start with the obvious one: You cannot ship any goods that are too heavy for the truck to move easily. You also cannot exceed the maximum weight limit for the size of the truck. Next, we have to decide if we want to use the standard or customized route for our delivery. The standard route is usually faster, as the driver just has to follow the route that has been previously set. That is why you will often see freight going on the standard route. However, if you want to save time and avoid potential delivery delays, then the custom route is the way to go. In this case, you will design the route yourself and order the truck that way.

When is the Best Time to Use Truck Freight?

There is no one-fits-all solution when it comes to shipping. Every situation is different and requires its own set of considerations. Generally, the best time to use truck freight is during the week. This is when most companies are closed and their staff is on break. During weekends and holidays, the options are fewer butTactical Survival Shippers recommends using it during those times in order to save on costs.

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Pros of using Truck Freight

+ Lower overall costs: Freight costs can vary from as little as US $5-10 per shipment depending on the weight of the goods, the type of shipping and the destination country.

+ Ease of administration: There are many advantages to using a freight company other than just choosing one. You can easily find out which company to use for your delivery and even find out how much insurance they require.

+ Flexibility: You can mix and match different types of shipping in order to create your ideal delivery method. You can use either standard or heavier trucks for certain types of goods while using a flagSHIP for others.

+ Security: Companies that participate in the GPS program use unique identification numbers to track your shipments. These numbers cannot be forged.

+ Resilience: When something goes wrong, you have a much easier time changing the delivery mode than if the problem is between your company and the shipper.

Cons of using Truck Freighty

+ Expensive: Truck Freighty is the most expensive method of all. As described above, the option for a custom route increases the price significantly.

+ Waiting: Some companies take a long time to deliver your goods. The best time to order is usually during weekends and holidays so that the company has plenty of time to prepare the route.

+ Lack of customization: The best way to avoid this is to design the route ahead of time. There is no way to add items to a shipment or adjust the weight or the distance once the order is placed.

+ Lack of security: The GPS system is not that secure. Once the shipment is under your control, you can see who has access to it.

+ Poor service: Some freight companies can be really slow to respond to emails and phone calls.

When is the Best Time to Order Truck Freight?

You will generally get the best value when ordering truck freight during the week. This is when most companies are closed and their staff is on break. Weekends and holidays are even worse due to the volume of traffic.

Bottom line

Truck shipping is a great option when you are looking for a cheap and quick way to ship large or heavy items. It is definitely not the most user-friendly of options but it does have its advantages. The only downside is the price but, nonetheless, the tradeoff is well worth it.

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